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Food Safety First

In this age of global trade and factory produced food, and in the wake of the Maple Leaf Foods tragedy that left 23 dead and dozens ill, FoodSafetyFirst.ca advocates for more and better government inspection and less industry self-policing when it comes to food safety.

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Protecting YOUR Pension

Millions of Canadian workers face an uncertain future in retirement. Together we can help.

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Phoenix Pay System

While the government has announced that employees who have incurred financial expenses because of pay problems may submit a claim, Agriculture Union is encouraging members who have been financially impacted by Phoenix to file a grievance as well, so as to protect their rights.

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เล่น พนัน จน รวย

National Association of Federal Retirees

Agriculture Union members are front-line defenders of public health, supporters of sustainable agriculture and guardians of a secure food chain. All share one common goal: to serve and protect the public interest.

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